America’s New Year resolution

The political climate will change in Iowa and our nation from the November 2016 election. The rise of the Republican Party, led by Donald Trump, will overwhelmingly dictate the future for all Americans. Dictate, akin to dictator, is the key word here when describing him. Never in my lifetime has our nation elected such a corrupt narcissistic for the “leader of the free world.” Many Americans are terrified with the prospect of a leader who openly lies, demonstrates bigotry, disregards foreign treasonous acts, and has serious business conflicts of interest. Trump supporters need to access their own values.

Everyone living in America needs to find their way back to that simple old-fashioned “Golden Rule” once taught in every school, church, or home. “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.” That could manifest itself in embracing other races and fellow immigrants in our nation of immigrants, helping those less fortunate, allowing choices over our own bodies, making it safe for all citizens with reasonable gun control, or protecting our Earth for all who will follow. Selfish partisan politics shouldn’t overrule logical decency. Supposed “Christian” Republican conservatives need to take a long hard look into a mirror.