Trump is lying

What do Rachel Maddow and Bernie Sanders have in common? They both called out President-elect Trump for lying!

Rachel Maddow on her Jan. 6 MSNBC program said “it was apparent that our new president will flat out lie to us.” Her basis for that statement was Trump’s declaration in a written statement about what he had learned in the Jan. 6 intelligence briefing regarding Russian interference in our election. Trump said, “Russian efforts to interfere HAD NO EFFECT ON THE OUTCOME OF THE ELECTION. As Maddow pointed out, the declassified version of the report that was publicly released after the meeting said “NO SUCH THING.” His statement was simply a lie!

Bernie Sanders on the Senate floor recently said, “Trump campaigned and won on tweets like this, ‘I was the first and only GOP candidate to state that there would be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.'” Bernie went on to say, “If Trump doesn’t believe his promise, then he should tell the American people he was LYING. If he does believe in this promise then he should tell the Republicans to stop meddling with these programs and that he will veto any legislation that does.”

Four years of this?