A danger to our democracy, the other side

This is in response to the letter to the editor published on Feb. 21. Sometimes I am surprised and other times I am totally and completely at a loss to how others look at the world. Steven Covey in the 7 habits of effective leaders said to “first seek to understand before being understood.” So I have tried to understand how the left formulates their thoughts about President Trump and conservatives.

The letter writer compares President Trump to Adolf Hitler. He is correct in that Adolf Hitler controlled the message put forth in Germany by intimidation, violence and murder. What I have witnessed this past year are groups from the left, rioting, looting, breaking civil laws, intimidating others who disagree with their views and blocking interstate transportation. Conservative speakers are routinely shouted down and not allowed to express their opinions in many public universities. Where are the similar actions by conservatives? I attended two Tea Party events during President Obama’s term at our courthouse grounds. These were well organized and civil. If we want to compare either party to fascism, let’s first start by observation. I think these observations will add a lot of clarity when comparing either party or actions of those loyal to either party to Adolf Hitler’s tactics and strategy.

If the Democratic Party wants to be relevant they first need to ask themselves, why did they lose 85 percent of all counties in this last election cycle. How did they lose over 1,000 federal, state and county positions in the last decade. One last question being as prayer was brought up. Who in America is trying to rid all public places of the 10 commandments and prayer? Is it those on the left or those on the right? I don’t think one has to think very long to formulate an answer.