‘Bait and switch’

I stopped at the new convenience store on Iowa Avenue recently to get gas. I inserted my credit card, swiped my fuel saver card, and when prompted I inserted the nozzle in my tank, and hit the grade of gas that I wanted … EXCEPT nothing happened, it would NOT allow me to get the grade of gas I wanted. It kept flashing that the ONLY grade was the PREMIUM at a greatly-inflated price.

So I backed up to a different pump, and to find the same situation, so I just put the gas cap back on, and went to get some doughnuts instead (I had to get gas somewhere). When asked if I had gas, I explained that the gas didn’t want to dispense anything but PREMIUM, and I was told that there were two nozzles and one nozzle will only pump PREMIUM and the other will dispense the two grades of REGULAR. I was told they won’t allow them to place stickers on the pumps to show which is which, to which I replied, “THAT is ‘BAIT AND SWITCH,’ AND I WILL BUY MY GAS SOMEWHERE ELSE!” On their lighted sign, they have three colors to differentiate the different grades, and the diesel, so why not put different color handles on their pumps, so that unsuspecting patrons do not pump the higher priced gas, when not realizing it?