Slow down on collective bargaining

Collective bargaining for public employees currently being considered in the legislature is an extremely complex issue. Both sides of this issue may have some valid points. In order to form an opinion on this matter, a person needs time to research how this will affect roughly 185,000 public employees.

It appears that by the time you are able to adequately research this issue to the extent it should be and get back to your appropriate legislators, the decision will already be made. It appears I am just suppose to trust 150 legislators to determine the fate of approximately 185,000 public employees with little or no time to gather the facts to support either side. This is the same 150 people of which 131 currently receiving reduced health insurance benefits of which they are not entitled according to a Des Moines Register investigation.

If the legislature can’t manage the benefits of their own 150, how can I trust them to make the correct decision affecting the benefits of 185,000 public employees. I am asking that the legislature slow down on this issue and give both the taxpayer and themselves time to do the proper research on this very complex issue before making a decision that could have large repercussions.

Contact your legislator.