Trump is not trustworthy

I agree with everything the letter writer about Trump’s dishonestly in the March 7 edition. I would like to add a few more things.

One day after Trump took office there were thousands of people in cities all over the United States and foreign countries protesting. They must have had a good reason for that many to protest. After five weeks in office, a poll was taken — 44 percent approved of Trump, 48 percent disapproved — the worst disapproval rating of any president five weeks in office.

I have a thought, I don’t like Trump and don’t trust him, maybe that’s the good reason people protested. Trump liked on the campaign trail and after he took office, nobody says a word. I don’t understand that. He liked about the size of his inaugural crowd, more electoral votes than any president and voter fraud. Trump is a habitual liar, can anyone prove me wrong?

When Trump gave his speech to Congress, he mentioned a raid he ordered in Yemen. He said it was a big success, a lot of good information was obtained and Navy Seal Ryan Owens died. A week before his speech, John McCain said the raid was a total disaster, was not planned well, no useful information was obtained, Ryan Owens died, plus six U.S. service members were wounded, 25 civilians killed, including nine children under age 13, and a $70 million high-performance aircraft was destroyed. Bill Owens, Ryan’s father, was mad. He said he wanted some answers from Trump about the death of his son. Why at this time did there have to be this stupid mission when it wasn’t even barely a week into Trump’s administration?

For two years prior, everything was missiles and drones in Yemen, now all of a sudden we had to make this grand display, Owens said. McCain said they were hoping to kill or capture militants. Just five days in, Trump green lighted the mission from a dinner party (not proper). This was a rare use of ground troops in Yemen. I don’t think much of a president who orders a military raid from a dinner party, not properly planned out, people and children were killed, aircraft destroyed to grandstand or make himself look good, then lie to the American people about it. The deaths of these people are on Trump’s head, he needs to take responsibility for it, but he won’t.