Unshackled barbarism

What do David Duke, former head of the Ku Klux Klan, President Donald Trump, and Iowa Rep. Steve King have in common?

All three want citizens to believe they are the moral voice and stalwart defenders of Western civilization. Is that a hoot or what?

Whenever a Republican conservative talks about preserving Western civilization, I want to put a protective barricade around the First Amendment.

So, how do religious conservatives view David Duke’s compliments and support of Donald Trump and Steve King? Well, we have a clue. Witness Gov. Branstad and Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey on Steve King’s latest racist comment. “Well,” they said, “he is just being Steve King” and brushed it off.

Yep, that’s called Republican rationalization of bigotry.

What is bizarre is that conservative Christians voted in the millions for Donald Trump. That degree of voting gives one pause at the decaying moral condition of 21st century Christian thinking in America.

If one wants a clue as to why Evangelicals supported Trump, it’s because they believe the myth that all authority comes from the God of the Old and New Testament. Personally, I take a more materialistic view of the human race and it epic struggle for freedom and democracy. During the 2016 campaign, Christian conservatives rationalized and projected Hillary as unredeemable (the devil incarnate). And Donald was merely flawed.

There are two basic facts if one has studied history. First, whenever right-wing Republicans talk about preserving Western civilization, that is code for preserving white supremacy and white privilege. Second, conservative Christians have an affinity for authoritarian figures, so Donald Trump fits their mold.

An author once said, “There are two powerful forces in the world: kindness and cruelty. And they are fighting for world supremacy.” Since Republicans have overtaken the White House, the U.S. Congress, and the Iowa State Legislature, cruelty has arisen supreme.

Yes, sir, the election of Trump has unshackled barbarism.