‘Do you know who you are?’

For the second time in my life I was hospitalized: I was there struggling with three ailments: pneumonia, sepsis and a very tired heart — needing stents. I was sent to Mercy West in Des Moines so specialists could operate and turn my conditions around. Day and night, every time a caretaker came in, I was asked, “Do you know who you are; do you know your birthday, your birth year? Do you know where you are?” Even though these questions were asked continuously, it was done for my benefit. The hospital wanted to know beyond a doubt that it was me in that bed. If I was going to get better, I had to get the right meds at the proper time. All these questions were necessary so any mistakes could be eliminated. The questions got old but they continued until I was released. In a spiritual sense, God asked the same questions of Adam and Eve, and to us. “Do you know who you are? You are a special people; you should not sin against me?” Then God pleaded for them to return: “Come back to Me so you can witness My unconditional love and forgiveness.” Satan started all human rebellion. His presence is very much felt and seen in our world today. His mission is to continue causing harm for God’s people. Well I am so thankful for all the caregivers and staff at the Marshalltown hospital; especially the EMC people, nurses attendants and Dr. Choke. At Mercy West; from the room-cleaner, nurses, doctors, blood drawers and surgeons; All these folks acted on my behalf, in a kindly manner in making sure I was treated well. By faith, we belong to the Savior. Consider what the apostle Peter wrote in 1 Peter 1:21. “For you know we were not redeemed with corrupted, human things but by the blood of Jesus: “the word of the lord endures forever.” There is only one thing that can move us out of this world and into Heaven — It is the power of Jesus Christ. I am most thankful that these caregivers came off the battlefields of the Civil War to merge into the Red Cross. They found their true calling at the hospitals around America. Their compassion touches my soul.