Edler is not listening; bring back Sodders

I read with interest the recent letter to the editor citing praise for our current state senator.

The letter writer suggests that Jeff Edler is “straight forward and doesn’t run down the opposing party … you know exactly where he stands and why. He is a very good first-year senator for Marshall County.”

But I offer an opposing viewpoint, because what I have discovered is just the opposite.

In his short time in the Iowa Senate, I don’t believe Mr. Edler has truly listened to what his constituents are saying.

Early on when his party was hell bent on damaging collective bargaining, impacting public sector employees, including educators, firefighters, law enforcement, employees at the Iowa Veterans Home, the senator ignored those concerns.

He didn’t listen to those concerns from women whose health care is at stake when there is no financial support for Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides a variety of health care services for low-income women, including family planning, mammograms and other screenings.

Mr. Edler did not listen to local law enforcement who were concerned about the overreach the new gun bill expansion law will have. Will Iowa become the Wild, Wild West? Should anyone, other than law enforcement professionals, carry weapons into the State Capitol, a school board meeting or a city council meeting?

You know, it’s only been a few months since the 2016 elections, but I really long for the days when common sense governance was the priority.

Back then, our former senator, Steve Sodders, actually listened to our concerns. He wasn’t concerned about party allegiance or what was politically savvy. He focused his energies on what his constituents wanted and what made sense for Marshall County.

I hope Sen. Sodders will run again someday, because I’m sorry, Mr. Edler just hasn’t held up his end of the bargain after voters made the change in November.

He claimed he was going to bring common sense back to Des Moines. Instead, I just feel like we were all duped.