‘Bye-bye, Blum!’

I plan to attend the town hall meeting with Rep. Rod Blum Thursday at the Babe Harder gym at MCC at noon. I did not vote for Rep. Blum, and I disagree with nearly every one of his positions. If I get a chance, I plan to ask him a pointed question, and I expect he will give me an answer I won’t like. It might even enrage me.

What I do not plan to do is boo, jeer, or scream at him, not because I won’t feel like it. When a crowd gets out of control, they just drown out any kind of dialogue, even if it is mostly political doublespeak, which has been what Rep. Blum has produced when he has had a chance to be heard.

I would hope everyone who attends with me Thursday will participate in my refusal to be rude. Instead, if I don’t like what he says, I will say loudly but cheerfully, just twice with a polite wave, “Bye-bye, Blum!” and then let him continue. That way, he will get the “Iowa nice” he has hoped for, and I (and those of us who share my feelings) will let him know just what I intend to do with my anger at him for his actions in November of 2018.