Cruelty in healthcare

I believe in order to provide adequate healthcare for every citizen the first consideration should be what is the overall historical human condition of the patient! For instance, adequate prenatal care is essential. Afterward, has the patient had access to proper nutrition, a good environment (clean air, water, and housing), have they received proper dental, foot and eye care? Upon reaching adulthood have they received a good education, an adequate wage to maintain a good standard of living and had access to recreation and vacation time? What is their mental state? Without all of those variables taken into consideration political discussion surrounding health care in Congress and the White House becomes an exercise in futility.

Considering the variables I pointed out, Trump’s latest foray into health care was a cruel joke on the citizenry. What politicians like Trump and his advisors avoid like the plague is tying a proper or living wage and the environment with healthcare. The same can be said about education. A living wage is essential and without a good living environment inside and outside the home a child cannot develop properly.

Now the reason that healthcare costs are going up because Republican dominated states refused to expand Medicaid that serves tens of millions of poor folks who didn’t qualify for all rules of the Affordable Care Act. Consequently, they fell through the cracks and raised the cost of insurance for the rest of us.

Republicans now want to block grant Medicaid. That would be a disaster. Look what Branstad did in Iowa. When he privatized Medicaid, health care for the needy became a boondoggle. To make matters worse for the poor, legislators like Sen. Edler and Rep. Fisher voted to stop municipalities from raising the minimum wage. I’m pretty sure neither legislator considered tying a living wage with good healthcare but I would bet former Sen. Steve Sodders understood the relationship.

The sad truth is that the super rich and giant corporations want to privatize Medicaid and Medicare. Despite the problem of poverty, which hinders human development and human advancement both Medicaid and Medicare have protected the sick. If folks want to learn more about healthcare issues and protecting Medicaid and Medicare, contact Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement at 515-282-0484.