Trump and Little Red Riding Hood

It appears to me, as well as a number of others, that President Trump has been acting as though he is above the law. Very specifically, his ordering an attack upon a sovereign nation, Syria, violates what has become, since the MAGNA CARTA of 1215 (to reference only one of thousands of happenings in the long history of the growth and development of the rule of law), a fundamental practice of civilization. No king of one country can order “his troops” to attack another country. I’ve done a lot of thinking since our November 2016 election about our victor, trying to explain who, what, how and why of the results. I, like millions of Americans and others outside our borders, am still baffled. But, I have reached a conclusion. After much thought, lots of conversations with friends and relatives, hours of listening to well-known and accepted thinkers and analysts on television and editorial pages — I went to our public library and read the childhood story of LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD AND THE BIG BAD WOLF. Yes, we have elected a smooth-talking liar who threatens not just one little girl, but millions of Americans and our democratic system of government. We are a nation of laws; the world runs on laws! Read that story of Little Red Riding Hood. Also read the recent Time magazine article about the death of truth and telling lies. We have a problem to solve! We better ask Congress to bar the door for poor grandma!