We need Sodders back in office

Every year I purchase school supplies for my child. I then purchase class supplies. Every parent does and it seems like its more and more every year. Meanwhile, teachers are spending their own money making up for what the budget is lacking. As a full-time college student, tuition costs and health insurance are major topics for me. When I was frustrated with the politics surrounding these issues, I used to be able to have a chat with my former state Sen. Steve Sodders. While we may not agree on all subjects, he was available for discussion. He was respectful and honest. If we disagreed, he did not belittle me or others. I cannot say the same for those in office now.

Jeff Edler responded to an email from an Iowa Veterans Home employee about collective bargaining. He criticized the person. He blamed them and was patronizing about their choices to take care of veterans. He even stated “… I take responsibility for my choices. I do not complain about my choices.” This is not how a senator should respond to his constituents. This person was simply stating why they wanted to keep bargaining rights and Edler chose to be offensive.

Another person who has lost the respect of his constituents is state Rep. Dean Fisher. When he does not agree with your stance, he blocks you or refuses to take calls. Parents of an epileptic boy wanted to talk with him about cannabis and he told them “you need to do more as a parent” and informed them to move to Colorado. He then turned his back and walked away.

Not long ago, I could send a message to Sen. Sodders asking why he supports a bill I disagree with. He would respond with respect. We can debate and have an intelligent conversation without either person being condescending or rude. I met Steve when I was working at the hospital. He was in uniform guarding the door of an ER room designated for unruly patients that needed psychiatric help. After caring for the patient, I asked him how he felt about the lack of mental health institutions in Iowa. We discussed his stance on the education, mental health and more. He was approachable. I was taken aback. Not very often can you have a candid conversation with a politician and get an honest answer. To this day, I can ask him questions about current bills and amendments … I respect him. I hope he runs again. We need politicians who listen and respond. We need Steve Sodders.