Act like adults

It has been one month since I watched Congressman Blum’s town hall in Marshalltown, and I think most would agree it was extremely rude behavior displayed toward our elected official. At that time, I really thought it was going to be the low point in political theatrics and the discussion about very important topics would improve. But the last 30 days have taught me one thing I’m sure of now – we are quite a ways from the turnaround I hoped for.

It has gone from democratic socialists screaming at Congressman Blum and calling him a liar when he said he loved his country, to celebrity comedians beheading a President Trump doll and then claiming THEY are the victims in the whole scheme. I ask everyone — where does this end? What is the goal? At what point will the resistors act like adults, sit at the table, and work with those that may have a different view or wa