Blessed is the one who chooses Good

My favorite book of the OLD Testament is the book of Psalms. It is a simple, yet profound statement; we could even call it “The Second Genesis.” It is God’s moral gift to the world. Psalms is a collection of sayings and pleas for help with the Hebrew nation — God’s people. King David tells us that all humans are flawed and can only be redeemed by the coming Messiah. We are sinners in need of repentance, change and redemption. David lays out the real message of the Bible in chapter one–in only six short sentences. David says; “Blessed is the one that does not walk in the paths of the ungodly, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of those who scorn. Blessed is the one who seeks and has pleasure in the “Law of the Lord.” How to live morally, is written in scripture but this immoral world seems only to care about the theories of humans. Chapter two is a vision of what happens to those who oppose the ways of God. Therefore we are beset with choices; God, or the world. If we are not walking in the paths of the sinner, we are making choices for God. Choosing the world, has eternal consequences, for in these two verses, are the reasons we are alive. We need to learn not to indulge in the world’s sins. David wrote this book about one thousand years before Christ. In the time of the Old Testament, those people, and the present day world, was promised A messiah. Sadly, the folks he came to save rejected Him because they didn’t recognize Him — they had been looking for a savior from the world’s view. They lived for their worldly ways and “their Spiritual vision was blinded and their ears stopped up“. They simply had no way to know truth from fiction. Today, where does that leave us? It is clear that the choice for us is the same as our ancient brethren; what manner of living are we willing to choose: Keeping out of sins way is a life-long task. The book of Psalms ends with a simple thought of encouragement. The most efficient thing we can do is to give praises to God for bringing salvation through Jesus. The only escape from the world is through Jesus. Lest our ears become “stopped up” give him praise today.