‘Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way’

The new police body and vehicle cameras are a great idea and I fully support them.

My issue is simply that with today’s technological advances, storage of records should NOT be an issue nor a reason to turn these cameras off at any time.

Maybe our consultant or our police chief is the problem. I have approached Chief Tucker (sic) more than once on the issue of these cameras and their ability to aid in EVERYDAY simple misdemeanor police service.

The answer I am given is that we have other, more important things to attend to.

With camera’s running 24/7 it seems to me to be a quick and easy item to address when non-emergency calls are NOT involved?

Why can’t we use these cameras to address everyday small problems that seem to plague many communities? For many years it has been a standing joke that here in Marshalltown many residents seem to have broken left arms! They don’t seem to use their vehicle turning signals.

Maybe our Police Department could help to change that and other bad habits.

In today’s high tech world, is the storage of police video records really costly or time consuming? (Reference a recent T-R article)

My response to Chief Tucker (sic) is “WHY?” Or is it maybe it’s just the more standard response from government these days of “That’s how we have always done it” or “That’s how other agencies do it.”

Let’s be a trendsetter Marshalltown. If the shift video record has no item of evidence interest, then reuse it and save the time/trouble and dollars of back-up storage.

In the Army, it was once said, “Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way.” Maybe we need to follow the “Lead” part of that old saying. Be a trendsetter Marshalltown.

Is anyone else in Marshalltown tired of missing left turn signals, missing brake and taillights, headlights?

How about faulty or missing mufflers, missing bumpers or even car windows, and on and on?

Could our new cameras make these violations quick and easy to remedy? If so, then why not use them?