Nothing moral about Trump’s budget

If we listen to God’s word in holy scripture, the measure of a national budget for 2018, in our United State of America, and the next decade, is how we treat the ones Jesus calls the “least of these.” The latest analysis suggests that Trump’s budget would cut $193 billion from SNAP (formerly called food stamps) over the next 10 years, which would have a devastating impact on poor and hungry families. Medicaid would be cut up to $1.3 trillion over the next 10 years, leaving children, the elderly and our poorest families without help from medical services. Over 59 percent of total cuts from 2017-18 are from programs that serve low and moderate income people.

What is moral about these tax proposed cuts? Are these cuts making America great again? Trump plans to help the very wealthiest people, by giving them great tax breaks, in this proposed tax that is coming up. Where is the sense of morality in these tax cuts? In helping the “very least,” we are fulfilling Jesus thoughts. The very least are Americans and we need to help them, that is what democracy is all about.