Support higher education

I have been a full-time student my entire life. I have been working summer jobs and relying heavily on the support of my parents and federal loans in recent years to continue to be able to further my education at Iowa State. Because I am from Illinois, I pay out-of state tuition. I first looked at ISU because my father is an alumnus, and ultimately selected the school because of the top-tier education offered there, as can be found throughout the state of Iowa.

As a student, activist, and ISU Student Government Senator, I am writing now to call on those who support higher education in the state of Iowa to act. Within just the last year, ISU alone has lost $12 million from state budget cuts. This has led to the approval of two recent tuition increases at my institution. I am fortunate enough to know that I will be able to finish my education in the next two years despite this, but many are not.

While tuition and fee increases should be expected over the long-term, they should never become regularly severe. And so, I ask you, please contact your State Representative and Senator, and tell them that you support higher education in the state of Iowa, and oppose another budget cut that targets our public Universities. Thank you.