Repeal and replace?

For seven years Republicans have been yammering about Obamacare and candidate Trump, along with virtually all Republicans, promised to “repeal and replace.” In order to make it easier to replace Obamacare, they took action to make it unpopular: First, they defunded the risk corridors for the sicker patients which immediately caused premiums to go up; Secondly, Republicans blocked the federal government from paying cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments to help low income Americans pay out-of-pocket expenses; Thirdly, without the risk corridors and the CSR payments, private insurers, unsure of the future marketplace began pulling out of state markets (These actions were intended, by Republicans, to create the difficulties that now exist with Obamacare).

Candidate Trump ran on “repeal and replace” but unfortunately promises are easily made but difficult to keep. Republicans produced three cruel plans to replace Obamacare — adding 24 million uninsured, eliminating Medicaid, creating havoc with rural hospitals, and reducing insurance coverage.

Fortunately, four Republican Senators had enough sense to say no to Trumpcare (not Grassley or Ernst) so Trump and Republicans are now proposing to just REPEAL OBAMACARE and later produce legislation to replace it. However, as Americans got a close look at Trumpcare and Obamacare side by side, Obamacare has become much more popular — over 50 percent approval with just 17 percent approval for Trumpcare.

Repealing Obamacare would result in 18 million Americans becoming uninsured, premium increases of 25 percent and about 10 percent of Americans would live in areas with no individual plans available in 2018 (30 million). It would only get worse every year without a plan or especially with Trumpcare.

A repeal of Obamacare would be taking away insurance and leaving America without insurance guarantees. People will die and that’s on President Trump and every Republican legislator.

Suggestion: Fix Obamacare by re-instating the CSR Payments and the risk-corridors.