Sounds like a rip-off

Are our city leaders really trying to have development in this city? Why I ask is the big lot north of my property never been developed. Bob Sunday owned it when we bought our house next to it in 1969. There was a lot of trees on his property that the birds loved to live in at night. It got so bad I asked Bob if you’re not going to do anything with the lot I would take them down if I could use the land for the wife’s horses. He said OK and I rented a bulldozer and had a friend run it and took down a lot of the trees and the birds had to find another nesting place.

Now years later we have a developer that would buy the lot and put in apartments for rent. Now I find out that the city owns a few feet of the property that goes to 4th Street, and wants about $17,000 for it or was told $2 a square foot. Not sure where the city head came up with that but guess it came up with what lots are selling for. If you look at what the city owns it is only for sewer lines from the property. Why would the city rip off a developer for that ground when they could get around or over $200,000 in 10 years in taxes. I read in the paper where they sold a lot for $1 that was getting no taxes out of and now will. I wonder if the city is going to screw the person that bought the Crosby pool lot. What will happen if the city tries to rip them off for water and sewer rights like they did to the guy that wanted to build north of me?

In my mind that lot isn’t worth much now if the city wants to rip developers off. Sounds to me like we got someone in the city that should be looked at and see if he or she is good for the city or not. Wonder just who that is and what they were thinking.