Vote NO on LOST reallocation

Vote NO on Aug. 1 to reallocate local option sales tax funds. Consider this — the city wants to take this money away from the streets and sewers updates. The city has spent a bunch of money to “educate” you with “Budgeting 101” classes. They have spent a bunch of money to put a mailer in everyone’s mailbox to “sell” you on this “awesome” deal. Ask yourself “why.” Our streets still need repaired. Our sewer lines are still in need of repair. The city must think that you can’t do math. The math says that the city will give you 2 percent, or $32, for property taxes IF you will let them have 18 percent or approx. $540,0000 (over half a million dollars) for the “General Fund.” The General Fund pays the wages of ALL of the city employees. Based on the current condition of the city, I do not think that funds need to be “reallocated” just yet. Once in the General Fund, this money can be “wasted” on mailers to sell you the next boondoggle. Is this for real? I don’t buy it. Stand up and Vote NO on Aug. 1.