A few reasons you just can’t trust City Hall

In 1980 a sewer collapse during the paving of 18th Ave cost two businesses many thousands to install septic tanks as City Hall refused to repair the damage. In the 1980s, City Hall made me pay $95 for sidewalk repair on my neighbor’s property, I’m still waiting to be paid back. In 1991, City Hall’s shady transfer of over $11 million cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands in legal fees during the Iowa Trust Scandal. In 1993, Mayor Tommy Thompson committed Harris Inc. business property without their knowledge to his former employer, Lennox Industries, then used eminent domain to condemn the property for a private taking which brought years of lawsuits and financial devastation to Harris Inc. all while Lennox paid City Hall’s legal expenses for them. City Hall created a TIF program in the 1990s that has devastated many of our streets ever since. City Hall pushed for a new aquatic center and Orpheum Theater restoration, which combined lost over $200,000 a year. And no, City Hall does not want to see splash pads anywhere as they would devastate the aquatic center even more. City Hall made a back door deal with Emerson Electric (a $25 billion company) to tear down Arbie Feeds elevator and build a median on Center Street for them so they could plant flowers, costing taxpayers $280,000. City Hall lets Emerson employees park all day in a three-hour zone while everyone on Main Street gets a $15 ticket. City Hall creates ordinances then won’t enforce them. Hundreds of cars, trailers, campers are destroying yards all over town. City Hall recklessly gave $30,000 to a bike path special interest group. City Hall hired a West Des Moines appraiser to put a record price of $85,000 an acre on land for a fire/police complex costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands more than what the property was worth rather than getting a local fair market appraisal. Which all leads us up to City Hall now stacking the deck against three property owners wanting to sever properties with the city as they receive no city services, all because years ago City Hall made a back door deal as a favor to someone. We need to clean house of mayors and city council members that promote these financial devastating decisions and special interest favors. No more bankers, lawyers or “yes” men and women for mayor or city council seats in the future.