A promise never fulfilled

How soon we forget!

I am writing this letter in regard to a recent item about the Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum in Waterloo. A corporation purchased the museum and is reportedly contemplating changing its name without any consideration to what the memorial represents.

That reminds me of the Marshall County memorial temporarily erected on our courthouse grounds in 1995 listing World War II veterans names. Promises years earlier were to erect a permanent memorial when the war was over — a promise never fulfilled.

It is sad that most generations now have no idea of what World War II was all about. How soon they forget.

I am appalled that the veterans and their families were not up in arms about this commitment to WW II in Marshall County. It seems that veterans in this community know very little and could care less about WW II.

Those from that era were very proud to lay down their lives for their country … the most casualties in that war of all wars.