Letter writer is uninformed

I must respond to the letter writer’s comments in the Aug. 28 T-R. Since you directed your letter to me as a councilor and my colleagues, I would hope that you can verify your claims that we support one segment of the community over another. I wonder what you meant when you said we are “yes men to the building owners.” I know that the councilors are very dedicated to our mission, building a strong, safe place to live and work. You attack our police chief for a lack of support for our ordinances and laws. I would strongly argue that he and his department are very hard workers and absolutely dedicated to their jobs and the community. Also the dedicated city administrator does not spend money, the council approves all projects and spending. I could go on about how good of a job ALL city employees are doing to provide a safe, nice place to live. You are out of line and very uninformed. Please attend a council meeting and see all the good that is going on. Please enlighten us as to those that are misusing or abusing their office or positions.