Master Park Plan release needs new date and Splash Pad consideration

City of Marshalltown taxpayers are paying $55,830 for Bolton and Menk to complete a survey and Master Park Plan. As was released in the Aug. 17 T-R article “Always Work To Be Done,” they are set to reveal the final results on Sept. 21 from 4-6 P.M. That is the start to Oktemberfest. It is also the Homecoming parade. 100 Women Who Care (a group focused on improving Marshalltown) will also be meeting then. I’m sure they’d be interested in hearing the results. We have paid for this survey, and should be able to hear and speak up on it!

They (City and Park and Rec.) haven’t had many surveys filled out from the under 20 crowd or in general. They’re working with the school to get kids surveys. Oktemberfest would be prime time to reach out for input from us ALL.

Four children drowned in the summer of 2012. Splash4Life has been working with the City since then to get a splash pad. This splash pad covers a multitude of preliminary survey concerns (walking, biking, activities for teens, seniors, and those with disabilities. It also incorporates lighting, public art, and benches/seating). We’ve been told we’d be a part of this plan, and no new amenities until the Master Plan is done. Yet, Splash pads AREN’T even mentioned once on the survey!

We’ve been at the Mega 10 ribbon cutting, and all locations where the preliminary results were discussed. Attendance included city and park officials, media and us. Most recently, at City Hall, other amenities were passed, despite our opposition letter. Soccer ranks low on the preliminary results, and we currently have several other options for soccer. The Futsal court will serve a small population, not ALL. We’re still being told no consideration for splash pad UNTIL Master Plan completion. We’ve been planning, getting 501(c)3 non-profit status and fundraising for five years.

Your voice and thoughts need heard! Releasing results at a time when most are preoccupied is not right! Marshalltown constituents deserve to hear it, be a part of it, and speak on our tax dollars behalf.

Hard copies of survey results are available. I encourage you to see for yourself, take the survey, and voice concern to those in charge to reschedule the survey release date so you can join the efforts of making Marshalltown great for ALL, including a splash pad.