Property owner, not us, needs to pay for cleanup

In reference to the cleanup of the Villager apartment site, I’m in total agreement with councilor Lamer.

Considering the fire took place over three months ago, it would seem that this is an ample time frame for demolition bids to be obtained and the needed work to be completed.

I’m also in agreement that the city and all other taxpayers of Marshalltown shouldn’t be burdened with any costs associated with the demo and preservation of this site. That is the responsibility of the property owner.

While the D & D program is a creative way to cover such costs for neglected and failing properties, until the fire, The Villager was a viable income-producing business. Therefore I don’t feel the criteria has been met in this instance to utilize D & D funds.

It is not fair to the surrounding businesses and our community, to allow further inaction on the cleanup of this property