Say cheese!

I want to let the persons that broke into several rental sheds on West High Street that you took a better picture than my driver’s license picture. Guess what? Read the T-R. Businesses are getting smarter. It’s called security cameras. “Say cheese!” Cameras were directly on your faces. I have to admit you were stupid criminals! Cameras are small for a reason. But the proofs came out large. Fingerprints alson on the padlocks.

When you face the judge, it won’t be fun. It can change your future. If underage, you can be fined and face probation. As an adult and 18 and older, criminal charges, fines, probation ans when you seek employment somewhere, employers might not hire you because of this.

When the Blues come to arrest you, you also will feel quite blue. Change your life or your bad judgment will change it for the worse. Now I know what I like “L.A. Law” so much. Praying for you!