Vote for the right reasons

Have you ever wondered why the city council and the mayor would rather support undocumented immigrants rather than qualified voters in Marshalltown? Could it be that certain businesses could not operate without cheap labor? OR Is it because downtown buildings would not have any renters without supporting the rising undocumented population?

The city council are yes men to the building owners in Marshalltown, they support the police chief for his lack of support of city ordinances and laws. They support the city administrator who spends city funds on projects in area’s supported by the immigrants. They support the schools who spend our tax dollars foolishly and without merit. They are FOR anything and everything that is WRONG in Marshalltown. They are against anything that would reduce taxes, remove crime and drugs, and ensure enforcement of city ordinances and laws; unless, of course, it would benefit the city council/business owners.

I can remember when Marshalltown was a NICE place to live and raise your family. NOW, it is full of welfare, low-wage earners, and building owners taking advantage of people on welfare and low-wage earners. And most of all, let’s not forget the drugs. When Marshalltown was NICE, we didn’t have a drug problem, all laws were enforced and people took care of people and didn’t rely on the government (welfare).

The SILENT majority here must look closer at what it happening. More and more of the people in Marshalltown are retirees, many remember as I do when it was a nice town. We must vote out those that would continue to misuse their offices and positions. It is difficult when these people and politicians lie to you — tell you one thing and then do another — to do the right thing. So we must vote out those that would misuse their offices, positions or judgeships one and all. Take the time, think of your grandkids, their kids — do what you can, but ensure you VOTE. And VOTE for the right reasons!