A different view from the patio

I recently read the letter to the editor by a gentleman that sits on his patio and hears the same sounds he did when he was growing up! I don’t know this person’s age but he apparently is having memory problems or lives on a country road outside town! When I sit outside on my deck I hear loud music coming from passing cars. I also hear cars that sound like they are racing at the fairgrounds and neighbors playing Mexican fiesta music that can be heard two blocks away. These are NOT the sounds I heard as a youngster. The sounds I heard were children playing, minimal road traffic, NO loud cars or radios, very peaceful and relaxing. A sign of the times — I don’t think so.

Most of us are immigrants, however, we are legal immigrants, that is we came into the states legally mainly through Ellis Island, “in the day.” I believe the majority of immigrants we see today came into the U.S. illegally. Some walked or climbed over the border fence. Some overstayed their visas, the numbers vary but somewhere around 10 million undocumented immigrants have moved into the U.S. I believe they have taken jobs from residents and are a tax burden on state and federal governments. I believe most refuse to/or can’t speak English, they put a burden on local schools and medical facilities. Some live two or three families to a home that are zoned for single families. Is THAT how you remember it as a youngster? I think NOT. The answers are not easy, but the first thing we need to do as a community is FOLLOW THE LAW. Demand that police and authorities enforce the law. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.