Food for thought

As I understand it, wild deer spread mad cow disease. I want nothing to do with eating any deer meat. It had a different name depending if it is cows, sheep or humans. It is a forward bending prion and not a bacteria-virus. It is only killed by high heat.

It was brought from an island near Australia to England for research. The lab people then ran their waste water down the sewer system like it was a toilet. It started to contaminate the environment through wild animals and creeks off the land. England had to deal with the problem and follow international trade rules.

Now we have wild deer from Canada coming down into our country and concerning Wisconsin cheese makers. There has been a closing of a hunting preserve in northern Iowa and one in southern Iowa because mad cow disease has been found on their lands.

So there was a recent article in the newspaper saying “Meat processors having new rules on butchering.” Why not explain mad cow disease? I thought dead animals found along roads were taken to Ames for exposure to high heat and so attempt to kill the bending prions.

The internet should have the information and maybe it is a backward folding prion, but whatever, it causes a deterioration of the brain. Funeral homes should understand too if they are embalming.

Last year a nearly dead deer wandered next door so I reminded the cop to remember it might be sick rather than hit by a car.

It seems some people do not want to be informed. When i was in high school senior boys were being drafted to serve in a freezing climate in Korea. Our enemy then was communism. Now people are not paying attention to the principle of that bad form of government. In communism all the land belongs to all the people and how dare you seed a plant of your own whether it is a flower or a carrot. The ground belongs to many other people. You follow orders. You don’t gather wealth. Everything is to be shared. Everybody gets their share handed out by a dominating government. The dead are buried in the road ditch because they are not tilled.

You would find out a lot by one day in China or I have been told in Russia.