Oktemberfest car show woes

I go to car shows at Gladbrook, State Center, Iowa Falls and Marshalltown’s Oktemberfest. I know what a normal car show involves.

I noticed at last year’s Marshalltown show, the awards and door prizes were less than in previous years. This letter is for whoever put on this year’s Oktemberfest car show. The car count was around 75 vehicles at $10 each. This year’s car show was worse than last year’s. You gave out two trophies and no door prizes. This is a slap in the face to car show people. We didn’t get anything for our $10 entry fee, not even a dash plaque.

I heard many complaints from my car show friends. Many participants would like a chance to win a door prize. You didn’t even offer one door prize. Two men from Gladbrook put on that car show. They put on a good show. They give out top 20 awards and get sponsors to pay for them. They also get businesses to sponsor many door prizes.

The young man from State Center that puts on that show gives out many awards and door prizes. They know how to put on a good car show. Some car show people who have a problem or complaints at a car show tell the people in charge, but many people just don’t come back the next year. That’s how they register their complaints.

Many people were mad at the end of the car show. Two friends that were parked close to me said they were not coming back next year if that’s how they do things.

It’s simple. Treat car people right and proper or we don’t come back. Next year, if you want people to come back, you have to put on a normal car show with fliers saying top 20 awards and at least 25 door prices. You have to go out and do your footwork to get sponsors for awards and door prizes. If you don’t take the time and energy to do this, you will ruin next year’s car show. You might get 40 vehicles and everyone will know why. Also don’t allow bikes, scooters and skateboarders; keep kids away from show cars and pickups.