I sat in attendance at the debate of the council at -arge candidates for a little while until I couldn’t take it anymore. The first thought that came to mind was the fiasco that was the presidential debate. The questions for the most part were irreverent to the position or situation. I would have expected questions about what they felt about the council approving phone voting on issues — or questions on taxes — where are they generated (commercial or residential) — do they agree on how this money is spent. Questions concerning planning by the board when was a bus ridership conducted, etc. Instead questions concerning sanctuary city, Latinos complaining about their involvement? Concern about speaking Spanish? Questions about reductions in services if required, NOT questions that the average citizen would want to hear about how their council members would vote. Certainly not in this person’s opinion. If I had to rate the candidates on what I heard they all would be in trouble particularly those looking for re-election. One candidate wasn’t even up to date on the issues about the annexation problem. While some of these questions may concern the average person I don’t believe they are questions for the candidate. Two things that were brought up were unimaginable. First — there is but one nationality — AMERICAN — no Latino, Burmese or any other nationality. ALL must assimilate to become one — A nation of nations — The United States of AMERICA. Second — The language — as declared by Congress — is ENGLISH. And YES I am retired military and a VIETNAM veteran and I had friends die for these issues. If you don’t want to speak English and don’t want to be an American, then leave.