Lack of communication from the city

I have enjoyed the recent series of interviews with candidates for mayor and city council. While I found points of agreement and disagreement with each candidate, my comment is regarding the need for improved communication between the current and future elected officials, and citizens in general.

Over the last year I have attempted to make contact and communicate with my city representatives regarding an issue with trespassing, noise and deterioration of a neighboring property. The issue has built for over a decade and attempts to work with the owner of the property and renters achieved no change.

In the last seven months I have written the mayor and the city council members regarding the issue. I have emailed my city council representative. I received no response from any of the attempts to contact them. I honestly did not think the problem would be solved because of these contacts. I thought I would at least get a polite bureaucratic acknowledgement of my communication, but apparently a tax paying home owner did not rate that level of attention or time from our present set of elected city representatives.

No elected representative can truly represent the citizens of Marshalltown if they will not even listen.