Time for a change

The election for the at-large city council positions in Marshalltown gives the voters an abundance of choices. Careful consideration needs to be given by each voter before a final selection of two people is made. The incumbents have listed their contributions over the last years, and each can point out things that have been accomplished. To adequately judge a candidate for office, one not only wants to look at accomplishments, but at the way he or she interacts with people.

Candidate Bill Martin prides himself as working and communicating with the people of Marshalltown. and he states that he is a “people person.” However, actions often tell more about a candidate than politically-correct statements. At the May 8 council meeting, Mr. Martin opined about a sidewalk situation in his home neighborhood. As a result, he ended up turning several of his neighbors into the city for what he saw as sidewalk violations. Never once did he contact his neighbors to explain his view of the situation or attempt to work with them to solve the problems.

Elected officials need to be able to work compassionately with constituents. Turning in your neighbor should be a last resort and not a first response! When questioned about his actions he simply said, “Give me credit for getting things done.” Mr. Martin’s philosophy that “the end justifies the means”

is not needed on the Marshalltown City Council.

Please take the time to carefully study ALL of the candidates for the at-large city council positions, before going to the polls on Nov. 7. This might be the time for a change!