A squirrel that steals

My wife loves to plant flowers and take care of them. At times, they don’t all grow, especially those that are fall-planted bulbs. After checking on the bulbs this spring, some of them did not make it. She just chalked it up to inferior seeds. One fall day. I was helping her with this task, I was reclining in my lawn chair as she worked. Fifty feet to the west, on the base of our old Butternut tree, stood a squirrel, frozen in space with rapt attention to Kathy’s planting. As soon as she covered the bulb and started walking away, it pounced off the tree and ran over to the bulb. Kathy couldn’t have been more than two feet away when he had the bulb, then run back to the tree. My first response was to call her attention to the missing bulb and have her check to see if it was still there, but I knew better. That thieving rodent had it. Now we knew why bulbs didn’t grow in previous years-they can’t grow if they aren’t there. I closed my eyes to ponder what just happened, after all it was a little bit amusing to see that animal run right up behind Kathy and swipe that bulb. You wouldn’t think a squirrel would be that bold as to sidle between two adults, one who was watching and could have easily bonged that little feller on his noggin with a shovel, and one who was a mere two feet away. Jesus told stories about growing seeds, and human enemies who want to steal the seeds. The good farmer in Matthew’s account, planted his crop but others wanted to bankrupt him. Another story tells that a Sower went out to broadcast seed on the ground. But he was careless and much of it did not get into the proper soil, so it could take root. Both of these stories relate to two ideas; humans receiving the truth of scripture and those folks who try to destroy those truths. Of course, the choice of what will happen to your seed depends on how strongly you protect it. There is a little squirrel (satan) running here on earth with his heart set on stealing whatever spiritual seeds God gives to us. He cares not that those seeds are our property. By stealing the Holy words, He steals our promise for eternal life.