General thoughts on abortion, gun deaths, kneeling and attention

Don Plahn



Kneeling — Be in or assume a position in which the body is supported by a knee or the knees as when praying, showing submission, honoring royalty or nobility being knighted or beheaded.

Attention — The act or power of carefully thinking about, listening to or watching someone or something; noted interest or awareness; special care or treatment, respect or waiting for orders.

The NFL, NBA, etc. went about supporting a needed cause in the wrong way. Rather than disrespecting our National Anthem and our Flag they should have taken an action, such as organizing a Lobbying organization to broadcast their cause and do it with a portion of their salaries (say 10 percent) and contributions from their managers and owners. With their public recognition and dedicated following, that they had, they would have accomplished much more.

They could have advertised, lobbied mayors, governors, representatives, senators and even the president to get action started on their cause. Instead they chose to disrespect the National Anthem and the Flag that stands for their freedom to “Play Football” and was won for them by the service to our country by patriots.

How many men in the NFL, NBA,etc. chose to serve their country for 2-4 years. I guess they didn’t have the patriotism or the desire to serve their country and besides that the money wasn’t as good. They irritated many veterans and citizens in general with their kneeling, arm locking and demonstrating while the National Anthem was being sung and the Flag displayed.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party promotes abortion, contraceptives and same-sex marriage. These seem to be very popular views and it is too bad that the Democrats adhere energetically to them. The bright side, if there is one, is that when they promote and adhere to these concepts there will be a lot fewer Democrats to deal with in the future.

Check the number of “constituents” that they have lost by abortion since they voted Roe vs. Wade into law in 1973. I think it will be greater than all the terrible gun-related deaths during a similar period of time. Why isn’t something done about the abortion situation?

Google: How many abortion deaths since Roe vs Wade became law? — 58,586,256.

Google: Gun-related deaths, since 1968? — 1,516,863.

I rest my thoughts.