I am not sorry

Wow, it’s gotten to the point that Americans are beat down and made to feel guilty for things that were done in fun which meant no harm to anyone. These five girls who painted their faces black obviously did not try to harm anyone and never guessed that this mess would ever come from what they did. But in today’s ultra sensitive and social engendered world we now live in (which makes me sick), we pander to the pansies of society and the leftist cry babies who do everything in their power to tear down this country by killing our Constitution. Listen girls, you and your parents don’t owe me or anyone else an apology. Many people have sacrificed to give us the freedom of speech. Don’t ever forget that. For you people who are harassing these girls, you are committing more of a crime than anything they did because you are purposely trying to hurt someone. I think the parents of these girls should be the ones asking for the apologies (or legal action) from the school and the paper and anyone else who has come after them for making this an issue and making their families a target for cowardly harassers. This country needs to grow up and quit looking for problems in everything that everyone does. I for one am sick and tired of the political correctness that is destroying our country. I would guess if the colors of the girls were changed around here that nothing would have ever been said. Nothing should of have been said the way it is! The stop the bullying policy and its effectiveness all depends on what race the bullies are. Ouch that one stung didn’t it? Come on America, grow up!