Resist proposed legislation

I was encouraged to read in Sunday’s newspaper about one of our excellent local community service organizations speaking on Compassion at the End of Life. But then I read on. I was horrified! “Most every person has had the experience of watching a loved one slowly die and wish they could take away the pain and suffering.” Amen! So true! But then we read about “Death with Dignity.” We all want to take away the pain and suffering whenever we can. But that doesn’t mean we want to take the person away by taking his or her life! It’s not his or her life to take. It’s not our life to take. Physician-assisted suicide (administered by the patient) is murder. Euthanasia (administered by someone else) is murder. These are cruel and merciless choices. Medication saves lives rather than taking lives. Praying with someone, holding him or her, and trusting God to help us through our suffering is a merciful choice. God gives us life. God determines our “quality of life.” Jesus loves everyone, from the moment when He creates us at conception, to the moment of death.

Please join me in peacefully resisting this cruel “Death with Dignity” legislation which will be introduced in January of 2018. God loves life! And whatever we do to the least of these His brothers and sisters, we do it to Him.