Thank you candidates, city staff

I’ve been very happy with the interest and engagement by the community surrounding the upcoming city elections. Thank you to all the candidates for running and sharing your ideas. I would like the address the view shared by some that the current city council and staff are inaccessible to the residents of Marshalltown. My experience has been the opposite.

At the city council meetings I have attended, community input has been allowed and residents often take advantage of that opportunity. While the council may not always act in the way the speakers desire, speakers have the opportunity to be heard. Council members often make themselves available outside of council meetings as well. I would like to thank Mayor Lowrance and Councilors Greer and Wirin specifically. Each has made themselves available to speak with groups in which I am involved.

I have also been very pleased with the responsiveness of the city staff. When I have asked questions, they have always taken the time to answer. Recently, the city staff has been out communicating with the community proactively. The Parks and Recreation department engaged in a survey of residents. The City Administrator and Finance Director presented on the LOST changes to civic groups and made the presentation available online. Many of the city staff are also active in community and volunteer groups.

Thank you again to all the candidates running for election. I hope whoever wins will help continue the positive, communicative, and collaborative environment that currently exists in Marshalltown.