Thank you for the article on Parkinson’s

Thank you to the Times-Republican for the story on Parkinson’s Disease in the November edition of Marshalltimes. Sara Jordan-Heintz did a very good, in-depth coverage of problems associated with the disease. I participate in the boxing training therapy in Grinnell and I heard from several people who thought it shed needed light on Parkinson’s. Comments most often heard related to the lack of public information on who has the disease, how many undiagnosed cases in the Marshalltown area, and what can be done about delaying symptoms. Parkinson’s early symptoms are subtle and easily overlooked. For example, a common symptom is when walking, only one arm swings while the other is nearly stationary. Loss of mobility and/or smell as we age could be partly due to the disease. A common myth about Parkinson’s is that only older people get it. Data shows that 10-15 percent of the cases are people in the 20s to 40s. Michael J. Fox was 29 when he got it and he has delayed the disease. The good news is that the disease can be delayed by exercise, medication and attitude. Sitting all the time is not an option. TV is our enemy.

Again, thanks for the publication, it was a useful public service.