Bring on 2018

As we near the end of 2017 I believe that it’s fair to say that Marshalltown is on an uptick and Bobcat Pride is en vogue once again! Yes, that feeling of what we call the Marshalltown Vibe is in the air! There has been much positive momentum on a number of initiatives throughout our community during 2017; a few that I would like to highlight are healthcare, housing and education … all extremely important to economic/community development.

During 2017 we excitedly welcomed UnityPoint Health to Marshalltown. I would say that Dustin Wright and his team at UnityPoint have come out of the box firing on all cylinders and are well on their way to firming up our all-important healthcare platform here in Marshalltown and the surrounding region. In addition, in a great show of support, in the classic Marshalltown way; the UnityPoint Health Marshalltown Foundation is well on its way to raising funds to purchase two brand new Unity Point Marshalltown ambulances. The “Lights and Sirens … Keep them Rolling” campaign has been a great success thus far! Kudos to Deirdre Gruendler and her UnityPoint Foundation Team for a job well done!

On the housing front, Marshall Economic Development Executive Director Tom Deimerly and his board have seen the fruits of their labor come to life in a significant number of new housing units beginning to sprout up around town. As we currently await our updated housing study results to be revealed, I would also like to say thank you to Vision Marshalltown Executive Director Kyley Leger for helping to communicate the positive progress that our community is making on the housing front. Her marketing skillset has been invaluable as we march forward in transforming Marshalltown housing opportunities.

And finally, education in Marshalltown is on an upswing! With the introduction of ST-Math to our schools’ elementary curriculum, Marshalltown continues to introduce cutting edge STEM opportunities to all of our children. And yes Marshalltown continues to hold the title of STEM Capital of the World! Also on the education front, Marshalltown Community College and the Marshalltown Community School District are working well together to develop “college and career-ready pathways” for all of our students, which is what’s necessary in today’s economy and specifically to fill the work pipeline for our local employers.

As we look ahead to 2018 the Marshalltown Regional Partnership plans to keep our foot on the gas, as we continue to aggressively execute our strategic objectives to continuously improve our community and economic development opportunities for all of our residents, in every corner of our community. Whether it be on the housing front, education front, entrepreneurship front or working to open more doors to become a more inclusive community, you can expect the Marshalltown Regional Partnership to be convening and facilitating with other leaders in our community to help provide the best Marshalltown that we can on a daily basis.

At the Marshalltown Regional Partnership we are honored to have an opportunity to partner on these and many other positive initiatives that help move our community forward. And so, with the wind at our backs and many partners by our side, we say “Bring on 2018”; we are ready to continue our positive march forward! #MarshalltownVibe #BobcatPride #Si Se Puede


David Barajas Jr. is CEO of Marshalltown Regional Partnership.