Listen to veterans; be more transparent

Hoo-rah for Commandant’s Oujiri announcement to not make any changes to the standard of living for the veterans who are residents in Heinz Hall.

His comment about it being a rookie mistake this resident asks what about the other not so much rookies in senior management at IVH? Hmmm? I say management not leadership because as managers they only manage what can be measured. In this case I feel it was measured in dollars and cents despite statements by government hacks to the contrary.

We the residents of Heinz Hall are not nursing needs patients and have the lowest cost per capita to the state. The costs which are mostly borne by all the veterans at IVH.

Another Hoo-rah to Rep. Mark Smith to take the time to hold the town hall-type meeting that spotlighted the quality of life costs we were facing losing. Kudos to Mr. Smith because we are not a large voting block but he took the time to actually get input from HH residents. I especially liked his channeling of Phil Donahue as he walked around the room handing the microphone to people who wished to speak. And special thanks to all the veterans groups speaking on our behalf.

The other positive that came of the whole fiasco was the idea of being more transparent in future decisions. Sometimes those who live in the Ivory Towers of Management are a little nearsighted and cannot clearly see the problems their decisions have on the little people living with their improvements.


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