Stacking the deck?

Good morning Marhalltown! I’m sure most of you have heard of the “Deep State” in Washington, but have you heard of the “Deep State” in Marshalltown? It’s here and working — not for your good but for theirs. Have you seen the article put in the T-R about the vacancy on the City Council. According to the language it seems the City Administrator is advertising the vacancy. My very un-legal knowledge is that the city Council is suppose to advertise the vacancy and also mention the option of a special election, which I might add was omitted. I believe the term vacancy is about three years, council members are elected for four years. Why is the city administrator involved? Must not have enough to do! Letters of interest? Quaint term for trying to stack the council even worse than it is. Maybe trying to get someone to agree on their “stealing” 9-1-1 money from the citizens of the city? Do some research citizens! The city wants money, evidenced from the sales tax debauchery and now the change of 9-1-1 charges. I might also add that the turnout for the recent council and mayor election was dismal to say the least. I believe only about 2,500 people voted — dismal when so much is at stake. Wake up Marshalltown!