Another look at DACA

The column in the T-R (“Protecting Dreamers will protect our entire nation”) on Jan. 21 by Chief of Police Tupper had some interesting ideas — one that I could agree with is that it shouldn’t be a partisan issue. He mentioned the “Dreamers” pursuing the American dream. There is only one problem with that — they are not Americans.

We have all heard the same old line — they were brought here illegally by their parents. If an adult was a stowaway on a plane with a child, would the child be allowed to stay on board? Have you read the DACA application form? Are you aware the Dreamer does NOT even have to list who brought them to the United States? There are no questions whether the applicant has participated in anti-American demonstrations. The questions about criminal activity are worthless as there is no way to verify them. There is no way to prove when the person entered our country illegally.

Chief Tupper said “our community is safer when I can talk to community members and families openly without them worrying if I will deport mom or dad.” That is puzzling. When I have asked before about people being deported the answer has always been that deportations are the domain of the federal government. I certainly have not heard of local police deporting anyone. Chief Tupper also stated that other law enforcement experts, including Houston, agree that our country is safer when immigrants can come out of the shadows. When my wife testified in Washington, D.C., a police officer from Houston also testified about the problems caused by illegal aliens in that town. Perhaps not all police in Houston agree with Chief Tupper.

The Pew Research Center found that two-thirds of Hispanics surveyed support increasing government services. Does this help secure the blessings of liberty? Maybe it is time to look at less government, not more.

If Chief Tupper took the oath of office listed in Iowa Code Section 63.10, he would have sworn to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Iowa. Helping people who are known to be in the country illegally, while you are a police officer appears to be a contradiction. I have always been a supporter of our law enforcement professionals at all levels and would like to think they would promote following our laws.