Moral and ethical concerns with Trump tax bill

These are some of my concerns about the new Trump Tax Bill: Public school teachers will no longer receive a tax deduction for when they buy pencils, pens and papers for their students. A corporation that buys pens, pencils and paper for their workers will get a tax break. Real estate taxes would be capped at $10,000 and this is not so with corporate taxes. There is no limit for them. If a worker loses his job from a corporation, that person will not be able to deduct the cost of moving in order to get another job. Should a corporation decide to close its facilities, fire its workers and move its operation to China, can it deduct moving expenses as a tax write-off in relocating a U.S. business outside of the United States and the answer is “Yes.” What are the moral and ethical concerns that need to be considered in this new tax bill? How many people living in poverty in the United States will be getting out of poverty? Do the wealthy and our politicians have a moral concern for the poor within our country? I think not.