Proposed cuts will hurt students

I am a fourth-year student from Marshalltown studying International Relations at the University of Iowa. As a Hawkeye, I have received a world-class education in and outside the classroom. I have had the opportunity to work with first-year students as a Resident Assistant in one of the many residence halls. I also had the wonderful, life-changing experience of studying abroad in Morocco to continue my Arabic language learning. These are all examples of the incredible opportunities that are available for students at the University of Iowa.

The Iowa Senate’s proposed $8.67 million mid-year cut would impact my education and the education of the many Iowans who will come after me. As a fourth-year student, the value of my degree is extremely important to me as I enter the workforce. Continued disinvestment in the University of Iowa will cause my degree and the degrees of thousands of Iowans to lose value. Additionally, the prospect of a large tuition increase due to these cuts will put an immense burden on future Hawkeyes, such as my younger sister, Josie, who is currently a senior in Marshalltown High School applying to attend the University of Iowa. Countless Iowans, like my family, will have to sit around the kitchen table and spend agonizing hours figuring out if their son or daughter can afford to attend our state’s flagship institution.

Education is an Iowa value and that is not reflected in these cuts.

I thank the Iowa Legislature for their previous support for the University of Iowa and I hope that Sen. Edler, Rep. Smith, and all other members of the Iowa Legislature will vote against the disastrous cuts to higher education in the state of Iowa.