Tell the city to stop reaching into our pockets

Property taxpayers in Marshalltown, prepare for an increase in your city property taxes of about $450,000!

Finally, our city leaders and city administrator have openly shared that they are trying to deal with a budget deficit with the taxpayers. But their deficit is not $20,000 as they stated, but actually $467,696! (According to the finance director’s notes to the council.)

Recently, a new E911 property taxing entity has been created that will levy taxes to cover E911 staff pay and benefits beginning this fall. $582,000 has previously been levied for and paid by the city of Marshalltown.

So far, the city seems to be treating their previous levy ($582,000) as “found” money. The Marshalltown city budget shows that they are anticipating keeping most of this money. They are doing this while saying they are “only taxing at the legal eight-ten rule limit.” Just because it is legal does not mean it is right!

So, the way this stands now, BOTH the city of Marshalltown AND the new E911 commission will be levying property taxes that will result in increased costs to Marshalltown residents!

Be prepared to pay more in property taxes, plus all the “fees” that formerly were covered by our taxes: storm water runoff, library levy, increased sanitary sewer charges and other creative ways to reach into our pockets!

Taxpayers, it is time to let our city leaders know that this is not acceptable. Raise up and contact your councilpersons! Attend the council meetings and voice your concerns!