The growing darkness

nistry, which was started about 1950. Rev. Billy Graham’s message has always been for humans to repent and return to God. His son Franklin’s ministry preaches the same theology, it also produces a monthly magazine called “Decision.” Today’s edition shows an astronaut’s view of the world hanging in space. When looking at this night-time-view, all that is visible is a tiny view of the earth’s curvature — the rest is engulfed in darkness. Franklin makes his point, about sin, by using this sun-setting vision. The earth, all except the very top of the world, is bathed in darkness. Franklin’s theme is that the on-going rush of sin is affecting the entire world. Unbelievers are allowing sin to rule their lives and also their families. Christianity is a religion based on belief; those who study God as he works through all ages of humanity, must come to a decision of what God wants us to do: thus the reason for the magazine’s name (Decision). The person who totally rejects God and His gift of salvation, is a fool; according to scripture. Forgiveness can only be done by accepting Jesus — who is the redeemer of all humankind. Today, no one can deny that all forms of worldly violence have accelerated. Violence in any form, is the language of satan. One of Franklin’s points is that “our hearts are deceitful above all else, who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9). Well, God knows it: history reveals that He distances himself from sinners, even American sinners. So many times, our world has told God to leave us alone-so that is what He does–leaves us to our own ways: through all of America’s recent natural disasters, we have not learned that these natural tests are God-produced. The more we allow sin to prosper, the more disasters moves into our nation. God has done that with America. We have taken Him out of our daily lives and we are trying to remove all mention of His presence anywhere. God’s Old Testament people, the Jews never learned this fact either. Reviewing Scripture and how God tends to deal with all sin; Old Testament Israel had to learn that lesson–they still have not returned to the forgiving nature of God, through Jesus. The preacher today should preach the message — sin produces death where belief is rewarded with eternal life.