There’s great honest people in Marshalltown

I lost my billfold last week as I was coming out of Hy Vee in the under 10 items line and I was rushing so I put my billfold in my flimsy jacket pocket to avoid holding up the line. I took my bag and headed to my vehicle and went straight home where I discovered that my billfold was missing. I retraced my steps and found nothing. I contacted Hy Vee to see if they had anyone turn in a billfold. They said yes. Someone, unidentified, had picked it up outside Hy Vee, turned it into the service counter and never even left their name so I couldn’t give them a reward or thank them personally. All the money and IDs and everything were intact, nothing missing. If I knew the person who found it I would have surely given them a token reward of some kind. Wow! What honest people we have in Marshalltown! I am especially grateful to this person for the return of my billfold. What a headache it would have been to replace all the identification, cards and money. Thank you and God bless you, whoever you are!