United Way reaches goal

The Marshalltown Area United Way is counting our blessings and wishes to say a heartfelt thank you to every individual, family and business who gave so sacrificially this year. Through the generosity of many, many people, the United Way has reached $750,000 or 100 percent of our goal! In light of the struggles of many residents and the numerous other worthwhile programs being supported in our county, we are grateful for those who supported our efforts to improve the quality of life for all citizens in Marshall County through the Marshalltown Area United Way.

How extremely grateful and thankful we are to very generous people in this community who support local needs. Many thanks go out to the Campaign Cabinet volunteers who worked in many areas of the campaign, too numerous to name. Their help made a great difference in our being able to exceed our goal.

Reaching goal is not just a number we set. It equates to services provided in our community to men and women, youth and children, infants and the elderly. Our reaching goal means they will continue to receive the quality services and assistance they need to make a positive difference in their individual lives.

Many of our agencies work extremely hard to prevent problems, to comfort those in devastating life threatening situations and provide safe, nurturing places for children. Some of these situations affect all economic levels. Agencies are always there and often work quietly and selflessly making this community better everyday of the year. Until your family is touched you may not realize the worthwhile services available in our community that reach out and help. We thank all of our agencies for their selfless service in helping others.

To this community, words cannot express the thanks we extend to you for your continued support of the Marshalltown Area United Way. Making goal is such a tremendously positive statement about the future of our community! Through your generosity in giving or serving on our team we were able to attain our goal of $750,000. We are very, very proud to be citizens of this fine county. This is a team effort, no one can do it alone, but together, we DO make a difference in Marshall County.

We wish all the very best in 2018!